Ewan wheeler

Ewan wheeler

  • Chief Executive Officer, ACRE Africa

Ewan Wheeler is a distinguished business leader with a wealth of expertise in development finance, acquisitions, and organizational turnaround strategies. His notable career spans various pivotal roles, showcasing his commitment to driving success in the financial and investment sectors.

In his previous capacity as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Aprica Investments Ltd, Ewan played a crucial role in shaping the landscape of African insurance investment. Prior to that, he contributed significantly to the African Development Bank, where he oversaw and managed investments in East Africa. His extensive knowledge and insights have positioned him as a key figure in navigating the complexities of the financial market.

Beyond his executive roles, Ewan serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of ZEP-Re, demonstrating his dedication to governance and strategic oversight. As a Private Equity Consultant, he extends his expertise to advise the Mauritian insurer, Swan Group, on international development and business expansion. Notably, Ewan also holds the position of Non-Executive Director in Zambia Ltd, further illustrating his global perspective and impact.

In his current role as the Chief Executive Officer of ACRE Africa, Ewan provides strategic and managerial leadership. His focus on achieving revenue, profit, and business growth underscores his commitment to steering ACRE Africa towards new heights.

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